A Wild Comic Appeared!
by Stina on 7th Aug 2015, 9:34 PM

Well, here we are! Tam Team Adventures is now officially off of hiatus! Now you can look forward to a new comic every Friday again :D

I'm still tweaking the site here and there, because I'm nitpicky like that :P I just added some sharing buttons on the comic pages, so if you have a favorite comic that you'd like to show to your friends, you can now do so on multiple platforms! Also, I'm very open to suggestions on how to make the site better and more user-friendly, so feel free to leave a comment somewhere or send an email.

Thanks for reading! <3

Standby For Relaunch!
by Stina on 15th Jul 2015, 7:53 PM

finally have this place up-to-date with comics! What a job! There are a few differences from the original Worpress site because of certain ComicFury limitations, but everything is essentially the same, so feel free to browse the comic archive :)

There won't be any new comic posts until just before the official relaunch, which will be on Friday, August 7th! Until then I'll be tweaking the site. See you all in August!

Hello World!
by Stina on 8th Jul 2015, 12:23 AM

Slowly moving Tam Team Adventures from its original WordPress site! Bear with me as I upload everything one by one :')

The site will officially relaunch on August 7th! Thanks for your patience!