BCW: Illustration WIP
23rd Mar 2016, 12:00 AM
BCW: Illustration WIP
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Stina edit delete
Tuesday night, 11:14 PM -- "Wait I forgot to prepare something for Bonus Content Wednesday!"

Enjoy a screenshot of something I'm working on for the website ;) Maybe when I start the lineart I'll do a livestream?
User comments:
bossman (Guest) edit delete reply
Yeah Livestream!
Whats a livestream?
If you record it for later playback is it a historicalstream?
If its funny, will it be a hystericalstream?

Lets TamTeam go eat some Superburger at the new one and think about this.
Stina edit delete reply

what o_O

A livestream is where I broadcast my desktop screen so that other people can watch what I'm drawing as I'm drawing it!

By "new one" do you mean the one by you or the one (soon to be) by me? :P