BCW: Drawing Prompts!
13th Jul 2016, 12:00 AM
BCW: Drawing Prompts!
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Author Notes:
Stina edit delete
Taking a short break from screencap redraws! My art's been feeling a bit stale lately so let's play a game to help get my creative juices flowing!

Pick a number and a character (or characters) from Tam Team Adventures and I'll draw it! Any character that has ever been featured on this site is fair game, so that includes FlowerPower! characters and characters from my short Inktober comic!

Feel free to send as many requests as you want (though I might not get to all of them if there are a lot, haha)

Original prompt image from here!
User comments:
Knightingale edit delete reply

Numbah 36! Character : The Boss.
Instrument : Does it matter?
uhhhm.. A trumpet? :D
Knightingale edit delete reply
I just noticed number 67
Number 67! I don't care who > u <
Ypsilenna edit delete reply

All characters in one picture:
Nini #56 + Tana #59 + The Boss #66
Stina edit delete reply

Ooh, a group picture!