BCW: Rainforest Background
21st Dec 2016, 12:00 AM
BCW: Rainforest Background
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Author Notes:
Stina edit delete
Something from the archives this week, as I have been busy and stressed and sick these past few days.

This is the background I drew for the Rainforest region in our game FlowerPower. It's considerably more detailed than I usually have the patience for, so I like it a bit more than any of the other backgrounds I drew. (I'm still painfully aware of the flaws though! :P)

During the time I was working on this, we had a huge group of family visiting from out of town. Six or seven of them were staying at our house (and that wasn't even the whole group!) so, as per our host family rules, my brother and I had to give up our rooms and sleep in the computer room. Aside from the discomfort, I was overwhelmed by all the company and all the activity in our normally quiet house. I was sleeping rather poorly--staying up late and waking up early. On those early mornings I didn't want to leave the room and interact with whoever else was up (fellow introverts will understand ;)) so I just got on the computer and worked on FlowerPower art. In normal circumstances I wouldn't have been as productive, but I think I needed the creative outlet. It was calming and somehow therapeutic to paint all those leaves one by one; I ended up finishing the whole background in three days.

ANYWAY. Thanks if you read through all of that; I feel like I didn't quite express everything the way I wanted to :/ Even though FlowerPower wasn't a great success in a commercial sense, there are a lot of things I learned about the game making process, art, my family, and myself. I hope I can find some way to tell that story too!
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Bossman (Guest) edit delete reply
Nice background
I really liked this one too. Reminds me of Kawaii.
Strawberry (Guest) edit delete reply

I know I've said this before, but I'm always so jealous of how good you are at backgrounds. They're always so pretty!