Comic Interlude 00
20th Jan 2017, 12:00 AM
Comic Interlude 00
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Author Notes:
Stina edit delete
I hope today's lack of comic isn't too much of a disappointment to anyone :( These past few months I've really been fighting to get each week's comic out on time despite other life responsibilities that have to take priority. I've reached a point where I am just really tired, and it's becoming less enjoyable to grind out a comic week after week. I can see the quality of my art suffering because of it, which is endlessly frustrating (and doesn't help me enjoy the process).

I've been sitting on a few comic ideas that have been hard for me to flesh out because they don't quite fit the setting of Tam Team Adventures (they do feature Tam Team members though), so I plan to doodle those over the next few weeks. I'm hoping that keeping these as sketches/doodles will keep my drawing hand moving and my creative juices flowing more freely so that I'll soon be ready to return to regular Tam Team updates.

Thanks for sticking around, everyone. As readers, you've all been really cool :)
User comments:
Strawberry (Guest) edit delete reply

Breaks are important! Take your time. :)

Also, I really like your doodle comics. They're so cute. :3
Stina edit delete reply

Thanks! I appreciate your support. I really do.