Comic Interlude 05
24th Feb 2017, 12:00 AM
Comic Interlude 05
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Author Notes:
Stina edit delete
(I'm half expecting Bossman to text me about making all the above illustrated merchandise.)

I feel like I don't draw enough attention to all the lovely fanart I've already received! It makes me super happy when people make things inspired by Tam Team Adventures!

I like drawing fanart too, so if you've got OCs/stories/ideas or anything of the like, direct me to them and maybe I'll doodle something for you! *wiggles eyebrows*
User comments:
Strawberry (Guest) edit delete reply

*Goes to look at the fan art again* Dear God. I NEED to redraw my picture. XD
Stina edit delete reply

Sounds like me every time I re-read my comic XD #ArtistProblems