Requests 08 & 09
14th Jul 2017, 12:00 AM
Requests 08 & 09
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Stina edit delete
Remember these?

I stopped doing Bonus Content Wednesday, but I still have this long list of extra content I want to draw! I'll probably be falling back on those when I can't get my comic ideas to work (which has been happening a lot recently).
User comments:
Strawberry (Guest) edit delete reply

Whoa, I'd forgotten about those. XD They look great!Thanks for doing them! :3
Stina edit delete reply

Well, it was from a whole year ago XD Thanks for your patience!
Bossman (Guest) edit delete reply
Bossman looks more graceful than that
I have to object. Bossman is more graceful than that. But wow, Bes - nailed it.