Hello Again 11
11th Jun 2020, 12:00 AM
Hello Again 11
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Stina edit delete
I was watching a painting tutorial and one of the points that stuck with me was: "It's important to recognize the difference between adding details and unnecessarily prolonging the completion of your painting." Obviously this was said in the context of completing a painting, but I think the principle applies to a lot of things. Because Tam Team Adventures is more of a Gag-A-Day type comic rather than a continuous story, it's been difficult to determine a clear endpoint.

I've had a lot of fun making this comic (I mean, I got to draw and make fun of my family AT THE SAME TIME), but I also can't make it last forever. It was about our experience as game developers and, well, we're not exactly doing that anymore. I hope that having a clear exit plan gives everyone a better sense of closure for this personal project of mine.

All that said, who's to say what will happen between now and when the final comic is posted? With the content I have planned, this place should still be updating for at least another couple of months. I might even sneak in a few illustrations or come up with more short comic ideas!
User comments:
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply

does 'other projects' mean a new comic??
Stina edit delete reply

Who knows? ;)