18th Sep 2020, 12:00 AM
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Author Notes:
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Hi everyone! How have you been enjoying Tam Team Adventures so far? I'm about ready to launch into the final short story, but before that we're going to take a brief intermission!

Now, before you say, "Oh no she's going to disappear for 3 years again!" let me reassure you that when I was preparing the revival of this comic I planned on having an intermission at some point before the end--I just didn't know exactly when I would need to do it (hence the surprise announcement). I need a little time to make sure the last story is as good as I can make it...and I want to avoid the kind of burnout that led to the 3+ year hiatus.

HOWEVER! "Intermission" doesn't mean we'll be inactive, it just means there will be posts that are not necessarily comic pages! That's right, it's like a revival of "Bonus Content Wednesdays"! I miss those a lot :)

If you've got questions for me or the Tam Team, NOW is the time to ask them!

See you all next week!