157 Swan Song Page 13
5th Feb 2021, 12:00 AM
157 Swan Song Page 13
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Stina edit delete
One last look at the whole Tam Team in full color ;)

If you missed the announcement I made a couple of weeks ago on the blog, the last Tam Team Adventures comic will be posted on February 19. That's two weeks from today! By coincidence, it's almost exactly 7 years after the first comic was posted.

ALSO BY COINCIDENCE, FlowerPower, the game that ultimately resulted in the creation of this comic, ended with a concert. The fact that this comic is also ending with a concert just feels so perfect to me.
User comments:
BossMan (Guest) edit delete reply
I’ll miss these
It’s been really cool to see this evolve. You have done a great job capturing some funny and (for me) embarrassing moments. It’s been super to see how this played out from your point of view. Wish FP would have done better. But even without sales I consider it a huge win for me because I got to spend a lot of time with you guys in a creative endeavor that was very important to us all. Thanks again for pulling out the little gems you saw throughout.
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I had the best time working on FP--I grew a lot as an artist and learned a lot about game development. And we ate a lot of good food! Thanks for the experience :)