Who makes this comic?

Tam Team Adventures is drawn and written by (chri)Stina, an artist for Tamarac Apps, just for fun!

Why are some of the comic pages drawn/colored differently?

There are a couple of reasons for this. First, I started these comics back in August 2013, and my art has undergone some changes since then. Second, I'm still trying to figure out an efficient process for making every page aesthetically pleasing (to my own eye). It's pretty slow going  in both respects.

Why do the characters have animal features?

While the characters are based heavily on real people, I didn't want them to be exact, absolute depictions of us. I was toying with the idea that people tend to resemble their pets (and vice versa), so the animal features are based on pets that we have/had. I also wanted to illustrate that programmers and artists are about as different as cats and dogs. The animals chosen for other characters have to do with that character's interests, personality and/or some sort of inside joke within the Tam Team.

For more explanation, check out this comic and this comic!

What is Bonus Content Wednesday (BCW)?

On Wednesdays I post extra art that has something to do with Tamarac Apps and the Tam Team! It ranges from concept art to food recommendations to random fun doodles, so check back every week to see something new!


If you have a question for the Tam Team about the comic, our games or anything else, feel free to ask! You can leave a comment anywhere or tweet your questions to @TamTeamStina