Tam Team

Boss-man » Programmer
Founder of Tamarac Apps, Boss-man is...well, the boss. Always up-to-date on all things tech related and is the OLDEST has the most real-life experience than anyone else on the team. Has an affinity for cats that is almost disturbing.

P4 » Programmer
If you looked up the definition of "cool," you would find P4's picture. He's good at video games, playing guitar, programming, reciting basketball trivia from decades before he was born...basically, he's good at everything he does. Except for eating fruits and vegetables because, you know, he's too cool for that.

Tana » Artist
Snack-obsessed artist that likes bright colors as much as she likes chocolate (which is a lot). Sometimes simple-minded and silly and tends to re-imagine real life events as a series of comic strips (gee I wonder who this is based on).

Nini » Artist
Lives and breathes art and music. Likes to watch cartoons/animated shows with Tana, even though the ones Tana likes are generally for younger age groups. Her secret power is sarcasm and witty retorts, which she uses to show affection.

Team Support

Talyn » Craft Services
Garden and landscape expert Talyn makes sure that the Tam Team gets what they need to be healthy and happy while doing their work. It is physically impossible for anyone to go hungry when Talyn is around.

Bes » Game Tester
Bes is the lanky, awkward, junior member of the Tam Team. Bossman keeps him around for ideas and insight into "what the kids are interested in these days," but for Tana and Nini, Bes' primary purpose is comic relief.

Lex » Game Tester
Lex is a valuable game tester because she freely gives her honest opinion. She also freely gives Tana "ideas" about what kind of desserts Tana should make.